Finding of business partners in EU

Finding of business partners in EU

Relationships with business partners are a key element in the activities of each company. There are many ways to find business partners in the EU. You are free to visit the exhibitions and other business events, to make a presentation of your company. But there is much more efficient and reliable way - to use services of specialized company that provides services in searching of business partners in the EU.
Investment-consulting center will conduct a detailed analysis of the requirements of our customers and the needs of their potential partners, and offer favorable conditions of cooperation for both sides.
We will also develop for you a
model for searching of  business partners, which will allow you to establish business contacts with partners from the EU countries, to enter foreign markets and increase sales.

Our services in searching of business partners in the EU include:

  • search, analysis and selection of customers, distributors, suppliers or manufacturers;
  • preparation of base of potential counterparties (customers, distributors, suppliers, and others.);
  • market research of products and services;
  • organization of your participation in trade exhibitions and conferences in the EU in order to find new partners and business opportunities;
  • representation of the services, organization and conducting of the negotiations with selected partners.

We provide out services to:

  •     for foreign companies, which are looking for new customers;
  •     companies that are going to promote a new product on the Polish market;
  •     for companies, that wishing to expand into new geographic markets;
  •     entrepreneurs, who are looking for suppliers with the most favorable conditions.

What you get:

  • increase in sales revenue by attracting new customers and expand the market;
  • development of your business and increase its credibility due to the presence in foreign markets;
  • reduces the risk of making wrong business decisions;
  • to enter the market with a competitive offer based on the knowledge of competitors and their products;
  • correctly chosen target group;
  • new geographical and product markets.

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