Registration of the company in EU

Registration of the company in EU

Are you about to open a company in the European Union, but do not know how to start a business and what is needed to register a company in any country?

Investment consulting center I.D.C. will help you to start your business in Poland and other EU countries, regardless of whether you want to open a restaurant, a store or a law firm.

Our experts will help you to start a business in the EU, to find business partners, to make your company a stable and profitable. We offer a full range of services on top of business in the EU - from the moment of obtaining of visa and meeting at the airport till the company's registration and search for partners.

We will develop for you the most optimal scheme of opening a business in the EU, provide professional legal support and consulting at all stages of starting a business in the EU.

With the discovery and promotion of business in the EU, we also provide our clients representation services. Our company will help you organize the business activities and find partners, taking over the functions of your representative in the region. 

We offer the following representation services:

  • participation in negotiations and exhibitions on behalf of the client;
  • seek opportunities for participation of the client in the tender and procurement projects;
  • assist in the promotion and implementation of the projects of our clients;
  • the procurement of product samples on behalf of the client;
  • assisting clients in registration and opening of the company in the EU;
  • representation in state bodies and commercial structures;
  • the establishment and networking with officials and companies in accordance with the objectives of clients, search of business partners;
  • conclusion and signing of contracts on behalf of the client.

The advantages of our representation services:

  • You do not need to travel to another country for everyday tasks - the necessary work to meet our experts;
  • Foreign companies do not need to open an office in the EU - our experts will undertake the performance of all its functions;
  • No need to include overseas infrastructure and staff (managers FEA, consultants, accountants, translators), and rent a room and pay taxes;
  • You do not have to collect and analyze information on products, suppliers, conduct negotiations with them and sign their own agreement.

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